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Leitmotif of the BLOSSOM collection is the floral decoration inspired by the world of orchids, the Brand's iconic flower, whose intricate shoots become multicolored prints, patterns repeated between beehive backgrounds in the delicate prints of the dresses and silk garments that smell of summer but which, in the color variations, they become perfect in every season.

Or even the sensual and elegant flower par excellence becomes a pictorial motif in the hand-painted details on soft viscose suits and cotton trousers with a more wintry weight.

Textile research focuses on quality and tactile pleasure.

Silk, cotton, viscose, satin and chiffon play with light contrasting effects between shiny and opaque, between refined transparencies and sophisticated shine, between fluidity and a more structured hand.

The lines recall classic shapes, but Martina Bavaro garments have an absolutely contemporary style in which the fit never forces the body, giving an unexpected and very pleasant comfort designed for the modern woman.

A collection where it is possible to find combinations suitable for all seasons, each garment can be made in both summer and winter colors and fabrics.

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