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Two simple words are enough to define our collections... fresh and elegant,

that is, everything every woman needs to feel unforgettable and at the same time carefree and comfortable.

The young fashion designer Martina Bavaro personally took care of every detail of the collections, herself creating the floral motif of the prints inspired by her beloved orchids and hand-painting every single piece, to convey to those who wear her tailored garments the same sensations she felt in designing his sketches.

The fabrics are shiny, fluid and soft to the touch and the lines recall the classic pieces of the female and male wardrobe, defined by their clear personality.

The brand also supports a Couture line, with unique high fashion garments handmade exclusively for its customers.

Designed to satisfy the desires of a clientele with a sober and refined elegance, the Couture garments stand out for the preciousness of the materials, for the applications

hand-embroidered and for the more elaborate volumes alternated with more classic lines.

The new luxury proposed by Martina Bavaro has a well-defined identity and personality

crystalline, an idea of uniqueness and richness not determined by ostentation, but rather

refined and confident in its absolute uniqueness. The women imagined by the designer do not need excesses to get noticed.

Theirs is a beauty that goes beyond the most ephemeral fashions that must be understood, and for

this eternally recognizable.

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