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The desire to undertake new journeys, real or over time, is the drive from which the MB collections are born, giving that set of unmistakable characteristics typical of the brand.

A story where classic meets modern and colors and fabrics are always in perfect harmony.

Thanks to the Blossom collection, we got to know the soul of the brand, the colors and floral prints showed us its distinctive characteristics, but now it's time to "fly" to a place very dear to the designer to discover something more!

New York Fall is the title of this season: a journey into the city that never sleeps, through memories and sensations.

A collection with an elegant, refined and feminine cut, always in step with long-lasting fashion.

Like New York which knows how to mix different ethnicities and cultures, this collection transports us to different corners of the city, and it does so thanks to its fabrics, colors and combinations.

The great black classics meet the floral print (typical of the Martina Bavaro brand) in the colors of Central Park and the warmer shades of color, while barely visible transparencies and cold tones create more modern and bold looks.

The sensation of warmth and softness to the touch come first, thanks to fine wool, silk and cupro.

The hand-painted floral motifs are silvery like winter frost; and the many lights that illuminate the tall buildings and homes in New York inspire the crystal applications and the details of the gold leaf buttons.

Are you ready for this extraordinary journey?

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